We Are Revolutionizing

the building process for digital infrastructure.

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Creating a new infrastructure for a new data reality.

The proliferation of AI and MachineOps applications has presented the world with a stunning array of new possibilities. Those accelerated possibilities require a new vision for data management. Flexnode™ was born to meet this moment.

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Acceleration comes naturally to us.

Flexnode™ is here to to meet the future with an infrastructure that it deserves: sustainable, secure, human-scale solutions that unlock unlimited potential to use data for good.

An experienced, multi-disciplinary team.

We have an outsized passion for technical innovation and elegant problem solving. We come from all walks of the data center and modular engineering world with one mission: to produce and operate a better new platform for digital infrastructure.

  • Robert Mazer

    Robert Mazer

    Co-Founder & President

  • Andrew Lindsey

    Andrew Lindsey

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Hussain Moosajee

    Hussain Moosajee

    Chief Business Officer

  • Mary Haim

    Mary Haim

    Chief of Staff

  • Tarif Abboushi

    Tarif Abboushi

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Martin Rapos

    Martin Rapos

    Chief Information Officer

  • Chigozie Muoto

    Chigozie Muoto

    Head of Product Strategy

  • Keith Kaczmarek

    Keith Kaczmarek

    Telco and Utilities

  • Ric Fleisher

    Ric Fleisher

    Head of Business Development

  • Bill Peters

    Bill Peters

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Nyla Beth Gawel

    Nyla Beth Gawel

    Chief People Officer

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