We Are Revolutionizing

the building process for digital infrastructure.

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Creating a new infrastructure for a new data reality.

The proliferation of AI and MachineOps applications has presented the world with a stunning array of new possibilities. Those accelerated possibilities require a new vision for data management. Flexnode™ was born to meet this moment.

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Acceleration comes naturally to us.

Flexnode™ is here to to meet the future with an infrastructure that it deserves: sustainable, secure, human-scale solutions that unlock unlimited potential to use data for good.

Our Mission.

Elevate the standard for digital infrastructure worldwide to make the exponential value of data accessible.

Our Vision.

Revolutionize the built environment for data management with speed, simplicity, flexibility, and sustainability.

Our Values.

We will achieve our vision and mission by holding ourselves accountable to Core Company Values.

Excellence Accelerated. With bold energy and urgency, we exist in excellence and integrity to bring forth the best of the best within ourselves and our ecosystem.

Inclusive Collaboration. Innovation only occurs when we push our thinking, which requires prioritizing diversity of thought and experiences in a collaborative, transparent, and trusted environment.

Future Focused. We aren’t outside the box looking in to fix what exists, but continuously learning to create net-new and sustainable concepts that contain unlimited potential, whether in technology or business operations.

Customer Obsessed. Laser focused on understanding customer needs, exceeding expectations, maximizing value, and simplifying user experience.

Positive on Purpose. Whether dealing with technical challenges, giving feedback, or handling tough decisions, we lead with emotional intelligence (EQ) and recognize that transforming the future requires us to model its potential.

An experienced, multi-disciplinary team.

We have an outsized passion for technical innovation and elegant problem solving. We come from all walks of the data center and modular engineering world with one mission: to produce and operate a better new platform for digital infrastructure.

  • Robert Mazer

    Robert Mazer

    Co-Founder & President

  • Andrew Lindsey

    Andrew Lindsey

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Hussain Moosajee

    Hussain Moosajee

    Chief Business Officer

  • Mary Haim

    Mary Haim

    Chief of Staff

  • Tarif Abboushi

    Tarif Abboushi

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Martin Rapos

    Martin Rapos

    Chief Information Officer

  • Chigozie Muoto

    Chigozie Muoto

    Head of Product Strategy

  • Keith Kaczmarek

    Keith Kaczmarek

    Telco and Utilities

  • Ric Fleisher

    Ric Fleisher

    Head of Business Development

  • Bill Peters

    Bill Peters

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Nyla Beth Gawel

    Nyla Beth Gawel

    Chief People Officer

Our advisors

Business Advisors

  • Alex Baum Corp Dev Lead at Woven by Toyota
  • Ario Keshani Serial Entrepreneur and AWS Startup Advisor
  • Gadi Kaufman Managing Director and CEO at RCLCO
  • Ilan Zachar CTO at Carr Properties
  • Mark Trutna Former President at Flex (previously Flextronics)
  • Morgan Wright Former Sparkfund and US DOE
  • Peter O’Rourke Former CCO Sparkfund and US DOE
  • Rick Calder Former CEO and President at GTT
  • Rich Maisto Former CFO at Engineered Fluids and Inv. Banking Leader

Technical Advisors

  • Abel Maciel Award-Winning Architect and UCL Bartlett Faculty
  • Daniel Meltzer Managing Director, Sales at Sabey Data Centers
  • Glen Allmendinger President at Harbor Research
  • Josh Mensinger VP Integrated Solutions at DIRTT
  • Justin Magruder Chief Data Officer at SAIC
  • Kartik Atyam End-to-End Infrastructure Delivery at Microsoft
  • Zac Smith Founder and Former CEO at Packet (now Equinix Metal)

Want more from your digital future? Let’s get to work.