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Flexnode 360

How We Do it Differently

Flexnode is a new generation of data center company that leverages the most advanced methodologies and technologies in the built environment to provide a simple and easy way to configure, deploy and operate your high-density digital infrastructure around the world.

By taking a digital-first industrialized approach very similar to the aerospace and automotive industries, Flexnode’s end-to-end solutions aren’t bound by the limitations of traditionally built data centers or containerized modules. As a result, our purpose-built, liquid-enabled data centers are uniquely designed for speed, scalability, and adaptability.

The Flexnode Automated Building Platform
“The Anti-Container”

  • Simplicity

    Design and build data center infrastructure in your language. We can use a standard nuts and bolts approach, or design around your technical, performance or consumption requirements.

  • Scalability

    One unit or 1000, single location or several, Flexnode is prepared to handle your most demanding projects and programs and expand our capacity in weeks not years to reach anywhere in the world.

  • Speed/Efficiency

    Deliver your projects at an unprecedented speed without compromising on customizability. Your data center should be designed for you.

  • Security

    Using the same building methodologies as many of the most high-security facilities on the planet today, we deliver you an environment designed to keep your most valuable IT assets safe.

  • Hyper Adaptability

    We customize to your requirements with an uncompromising approach while enabling you to quickly and easily update your infrastructure to keep up with the most advanced technologies.

  • Resiliency

    Our solutions can safely go wherever you need them while reaching the highest levels of reliability. With an integrated system approach to building, we ensure you’re always aware and never down.

Is Flexnode For You?

Flexnode is designed to simplify the deployment and operation of the most demanding IT solutions today and into the future. As a truly end-to-end future-proof solution, we can support multiple generations of your data center and provide support wherever and for whatever you need us to. Our data centers move and grow with you.

Our solutions are designed for density and we embrace liquid rather than avoid it. Our data centers are liquid-cooling compatible from day one and can agnostically support whatever liquid approach that you prefer. We can guide you along the way, but we will never limit your options.

We can build your data center and hand it over; service your colocation or managed IT requirements; or deliver you a plug-and-play private cloud. As a full-stack solution, we align with your ongoing needs and business model.

Want to know more?
Real Estate Companies
Real Estate Companies

Real Estate Companies

(Buy or Lease a Data Center)

Intelligently design and build infrastructure based on technical specifications, performance requirements and environmental limitations (indoors and out). Our integrated solutions take out the guess-work from start to finish. And with hundreds of Flexnode-Ready™ sites to choose from, we’re happy to work with your place or ours.

IT Service Providers
IT Service Providers

IT Service Providers

(Lease Space/Capacity in a Data Center)

Tune your data center based on your customers needs and your vendors’ specifications. With a library of configurations and a nearly unlimited number of solutions, we’re prepared to support the most creative approaches.



(Lease Space/Capacity or Deploy a Full-Stack Solution)

We work with your IT teams and your existing service providers to provide an easy integration into your technology stack. It’s more than likely we already work with your OEMs, ODMs and systems integrators, so coordination is simple.

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